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This page is dedicated to showing and explaining my past practice within my study at Berkeley, enjoy!

Calling Lady Gamers - 3 Channel Video Installation


A self-identified “gamer,” Elizabeth Keegan engages the sense of play, community, and conviviality she finds in computer gaming culture as she explores screen reality and the social world it creates / surrounding it . For this exhibition, Keegan uses video to investigate the World of Warcraft (WOW), a highly sophisticated online role-playing game in which players complete quests as they develop their characters. She began playing WOW with her sister as a way to memorialize their father within the game. Keegan depicts this personal endeavor with split screen video chats between the sisters and a third monitor displaying their actual game play, a representation of the shared digital space of physically distant people. This familial project developed into an intentional effort to create community as Keegan started to seek out other women gamers. Her casual conversations with these women, presented in the three-monitor video, range in topic from digital fashion shows to the sexist comments often launched at female online gamers. The game-like levels of the video suggest a narrative flow as the artist attempts to mine the gaming world for belonging, sincerity, and empathy in what she calls an “identity mission,” a concept that refers to online games as a site of social performance with the potential for generative self-exploration. As this nonlinear narrative advances, it knots the notions of “performance” and “role” into a sticky web of cyber social relationships.The workings of this deeply social space that is online gaming, as illuminated by Keegan’s autobiographically driven meanderings, happen in but are not restricted to the digital realm. - Sarah Cowan

18th is a memorial where each object becomes a trace. The game disrupts the conventional play of golf, greeting the player with an unexpected experience of its mechanics; this is due to the very ball being made of a fragile ceramic. It is only in participating in this memorial that I wish to provide a shared space for communicating loss and that of remembering with my viewer through play. 

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In Memory of a Stolen Bike the board game!

This game was a self-prescribed therapy assignment. Right after my brand new bike was stolen on the UC Berkley campus, I decided to draft a simple design for a game. This draft soon evolved through multiple versions. I had some time to play (no pun intended) with laser cutting technology, sculpture concepts, and game mechanics every step of the way. The success was in a 4 person play through, which invited players in to change rules and question the initial concept of the game. 

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Turing Test Tournament 

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A special thank you to Margaret Rhee for documenting this project further on her personal webpage


The following images represent earlier prototypes of the now live Turing Test Tournament. I, along with two other artists worked alongside a small group of graduate students in accomplishing a campus wide web-game based on George Dyson's Turing Cathedral and the famous Turing Test.


In The Studio

    ​Elizabeth Keegan 2018