Personal Game Development

In an effort to keep up with the rapid pace of game development technologies I continue to build games for personal research and fun! 

This page is dedicated to the documentation of UNITY specific projects. See Playables for versions to play. 

I spend time with differen't toolkits and will try and list them

with each project for reference.

Dead Pixels
This little project examines simple puzzle-like 
game play. The concept was inspired by color
relationships and optical illusions. Dead Pixels makes use of Hutong's visual scripting plugin Playmaker
Tales of the Trenches
Tales from the Trenches reveals that the true enemy in warfare lives in the mind of those who serve. A man, a brother, a squad, all helpless to the atrocities that would infiltrate their dreams. A primary focus in this title is managing your squad’s morale. As you play you unravel the realities of war, aiding and sabotaging your squad through decisions made. If your actions resemble the memory of a soldier closely a  snapshot into the story will be revealed in your journal which can be used to provide unique advantages. The primary objective of the game is to survive the harsh conditions while a secondary objective is to explore the memories of your troops.
Using new-age micro-pixel technology you are tasked with restoring historical works of art that have lost their vibrancy over the centuries. At the beginning of your work day your office is flooded with fragile art crates containing original versions of some historical and contemporary work. You are given the original value of the work and current worth based on its condition. Using your micro-pixel restoration 1000, enter each dull segment of the work and increase the overall richness of color.
Gaze VR Test : Found
This is a brief sketch of the VR gaze input functionality in Unity.

    ​Elizabeth Keegan 2020 - 2021